Chloe Bakes: Frozen Birthday Cake

At the end of the summer my cousin’s daughter turned 4, so of course a birthday cake was needed. She had a frozen themed birthday party, I was originally going to be making an Olaf cake but after a big pleeeeease it changed to Elsa. 

The cake underneath was chocolate with a chocolate ganache between the layers. I used vanilla buttercream icing for the decoration, as you already know our thoughts on fondant. I used a variety of piping nozzles to get the different definitions, I think next time I would smooth out her skin and use buttercream icing instead of icing tubes for her eyes as they went a little dark. 

I love making cakes like this, the effort that goes into them before the baking even starts in my favourite bit. I searched for a few weeks before for a good image of Elsa to draw that would be able to transfer to a cake. This was copied from a lunchbox I found in a shop. Kids cakes can be so creative and are exciting to plan. 

On to the next birthday now, Peppa Pig take 3! 
Here’s a picture 🙂

Chloe xx



Chloe Bakes: Peppa Pig Cake

So my turn to post on here, this is my first one so please bear with me. My cousin’s daughter turned 3 recently and I was told there would be a Peppa Pig themed party. Naturally my first thought went to the cake and they kindly accepted my offer to bake one. This is the first of my kiddies themed cakes and it’s safe to say I absolutely loved it, from drawing the template to building up the icing layers. Below you can see a few of the shots I took along the way. It went down very well at the party and the task of baking birthday cakes for my other little nieces and nephews has begun…

Love Chloe x

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake