Cocktail Cupcakes

Firstly, an apology: work has been really busy and life got a little stressful so this blog fell by the wayside a little – but we’re back! 

A while back a work friend celebrated turning 40 and asked us to bake four different flavours of cocktails (ten of each) for her 50s themed party. Not only do we love baking and adore any excuse to do so, we both enjoy the opportunity to dress up – especially if it meant attempting victory rolls! 

The four flavours chosen were mojito, piña colada, strawberry daiquiri, and gin and tonic (good flavours if I can say so myself!).

The cupcakes went down well, with some guests having more than one and honestly – I don’t know which flavour I like the most! 
Soph x 



Chloe Bakes: Cocktail Cupcakes

I had the girls over a few weeks ago for a catch up and also for Ella’s birthday celebrations. She demanded a cake (fair enough) I was going to make one anyway! 

So girls coming over for cocktails, what better cake to make than one that sticks with the theme. I opted for Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito cupcakes. The strawberry ones had rum and sugar soaked strawberries at the bottom which kept the cake lovely and moist. The Mojito ones were topped with lime zest and golden caster sugar for a bit of crunch. 

Both flavours went down nicely, with Ella taking extras home! 

Take a look 😊

Chloe x 


Sophie Bakes: Chloe’s Birthday Cake

So Chloe’s birthday came up this Saturday just gone and obviously a cake had to be baked (and a new recipe had to be tried). This time in the year brings up particularly fond baking memories for me as it was (I believe) when we properly discovered just how deep our love of cake and baking went, and how similar we actually are in that respect. 

Last year, Chloe wanted a rainbow cake and she wanted to be a part of the baking. So she came round to mine and we spent 11 hours giggling, baking and icing in the kitchen. We had decided to flavour it with earl grey tea and, as per Chloe’s request, it was stacked according to the rainbow song (“red and yellow and pink and green…”) rather than the true rainbow order (sorry Chloe, I still think you’re wrong…). We also decided to make our own stripy multicoloured meringues. 

When we finally finished the cake was a little bit crazy. It was ridiculously heavy as it had been made 3 times the size of a normal two layered sponge,  it was slightly lopsided and the bottom layers had been squashed from the pure weight of the cake itself. (It’s on the cards to do this cake together again, it is still probably my favourite Chlophie bake.)

However it went down pretty well, it tasted really good, a waitress even came over to have a look inside as she had worked out that it was a rainbow cake and everyone at the table said they had enjoyed it. 

Anyway, the point of the story was that this cake, the cake for Chloe’s 25th birthday couldn’t just be a bog standard sponge. It had to be something a little bit different. In the end I settled on a mojito cake and I think it went down pretty well!

Happy birthday Chloe, it’s really lovely to have you back in the country! 


Soph x