The Crystal Palace Leaving Cake

One of the members of our team left at the end of term and so we were tasked with making a cake. His favourite cake flavour is lemon so it was a no-brainer. We decided on trying a new recipe which bizarrely asked for us to boil a lemon and then blitz it and put it in the cake mix (we felt very strange doing so)!

As his favourite football team is Crystal Palace we cut the cake into a t-shirt and piped the frosting onto it, the letters and number 7 are the only things made out of fondant.

In retrospect, I think adding all of the lemon, including the pith gave a suboptimal flavour profile although it was perhaps refreshingly different to previous lemon cakes. In future I think we’d probably go with our instincts and zest and juice a lemon instead of boiling it.

No one can fault the decorating however, it looked great! In some ways, the less sweet cake worked well with our tea and coffee, especially as we ate it at 10am, perhaps a little early for cake!

Soph xx