Cocktail Cupcakes

Firstly, an apology: work has been really busy and life got a little stressful so this blog fell by the wayside a little – but we’re back! 

A while back a work friend celebrated turning 40 and asked us to bake four different flavours of cocktails (ten of each) for her 50s themed party. Not only do we love baking and adore any excuse to do so, we both enjoy the opportunity to dress up – especially if it meant attempting victory rolls! 

The four flavours chosen were mojito, piƱa colada, strawberry daiquiri, and gin and tonic (good flavours if I can say so myself!).

The cupcakes went down well, with some guests having more than one and honestly – I don’t know which flavour I like the most! 
Soph x 



Sophie Bakes: Gin and Tonic Cupcakes (Take Two)

I’m still searching for the perfect G&T cupcake recipe that has a good level of zing without a slightly odd aftertaste (I think it’s due to the mix of butter and gin, it doesn’t taste as clean and crisp as I want it to!). I used a different recipe to the one I have blogged previously (when I made the mini cupcakes), however it’s still not there. I’m thinking that I’m probably going to have to put the thinking cap on and redesign it from the ground up, if I succeed you guys will be the first to know – perhaps even with a take on a gin and marshmallow frosting rather than gin buttercream… I’m also going to try a more citrusy/smokey gin next time as I think it might give it more oomph than the Hendricks. 

Anyway, these were another offering for cake Wednesday at work and went down very well (I cheekily hid one when I laid them out – turned out to be sensible as they went pretty quick)!

It’s the standard rose icing, keeping it simple. 

Soph xx


Sophie Bakes: A Lemon and Raspberry Cake

It’s long established that I adore baking, luckily I have lots of likeminded friends who feel the same. When one of them came up for a weekend we decided that one of the best ways to unwind after we’d both had busy weeks at work and catch up was to bake a massive cake.

I would very much recommend trying this cake for yourself, we tinkered with the recipe to make it slightly more lemony and slightly less sweet which worked perfectly for us (I would also suggest a good G&T by the side). The frosting is lemon cream cheese, there’s lemon rind in the cake and it has raspberry jam layered in between as well as the frosting. In fact it tasted so good that we might have eaten 7/8ths of the cake in the space of 24 hours between us.


Soph x


Sophie Bakes: Another Birthday Cake

So I have a confession. It was my mum’s birthday on Good Friday this year and so I made a gin and tonic cake to celebrate (we love gin in our house!). It was similar to a lemon drizzle cake but with the addition of gin (score!) but… Here’s the rub. I didn’t take a photo. 

So instead, for your eyes to view today I give you another cake I made for my mum’s birthday, viola! 

This cake was a carrot cake – one of my favourites. This was round about the time I was practicing using the rose nozzle I have (and was mighty pleased about owning). It went down well, but I do have to admit I prefer the gin drizzle cake I made this year! (I’ll have to make it again and make sure I get a photo!) 

Soph x 


Sophie Bakes: Gin and Tonic Cupcakes

I love gin. I love cake. When the excuse to bake presented itself in the guise of some friends coming over I sourced a gin and tonic cupcake recipe. Annoyingly, I’ve definitely made similar cupcakes from another recipe, but alas I couldn’t find it.

They tasted pretty good, though didn’t have the kick that I was expecting from the other recipe. I feel that these potentially are subtle enough to sway even the most reluctant gin consumer.

Soph x