Chloe Bakes: Lemon Cupcakes

A few weeks ago my friend asked if I would bake some cupcakes for her mum’s birthday. She requested lemon cupcakes with a lemon icing drizzle on the top instead of buttercream. 

The recipe for these came from the new cookbook from GBBO winner Frances Quinn, the same as where Sophie got her recipe the other week. Sophie very excitedly introduced me to the book, which I of course bought immediately (and recommend!). It used a basic recipe and shows you several different ways to add to it to make it more exciting, the illustration is beautiful as well. 

The feedback from the cupcakes was all very positive, they had a really nice strong lemon flavour to them. These were based on Frances’ fried egg cupcakes, simple but delicious. 

Chloe xx



Chloe Bakes: Swiss Roll

I have a GBBO calendar this year (which I was very excited about buying) and I fancied baking last weekend so decided to bake this month’s choice – Swiss roll. I’ve made a Red velvet Swiss roll before (you already know our red velvet background, I can let you decide how that went), so I was looking forward to seeing how it turned out. 

I was very pleased with the lovely swirl I managed to get in the centre, decided to use icing sugar in my cream instead of plain cream to give it that little extra bit of sweetness as well. It went down very well with family and friends. 

Here’s a picture of my swirl 😊

Chloe x