Sophie Bakes: Moscow Mule Cupcakes

My husbands work have a work birthday party in the summer every year and this year I was asked to make some cupcakes for it. I ended up making Guinness, earl grey tea and Moscow mule cupcakes but as I’ve already written about the Guinness and earl grey I’ll focus on the Moscow mule cupcakes.

Firstly, I should admit that I love a cocktail, so the idea of marrying cupcake and cocktail excites me. These cupcakes had both stem and ground ginger in the cake, with a vodka syrup poured over (in the same idea as a lemon drizzle cake) and then had a vodka and lemon buttercream icing, with a piece of crystallised ginger on the side. Having never tried them before I was rather impressed by them – I’m very much looking forward to creating more cocktail inspired cupcakes!

Soph xx


  (The blue/teal ones are Guinness, the orange are earl grey and the White/cream ones are the Moscow mules.)


Chloe Bakes: Earl Grey Ombré Birthday Cake

Jen, a fellow baker friend of mine, had a birthday in July, she asked (well told) me to bake her a cake. Of course I didn’t mind! Her favourite colour is blue, if you hadn’t guessed… And I’ve been wanting to do an ombré cake for a while so I took the opportunity. Decided on earl grey flavour because it’s a good flavour and something slightly different. This cake tastes so lovely and stays moist for a long time, if the cake manages to last that long. 

I was going to make a fondant mini to go on the top as Jen is very much a mini fan and I had managed to find icing in the colour of her car, but unfortunately due to time constraint I couldn’t. Next time definitely! 

I went to work one day with Jen while I was back in Pembrokeshire, bringing cake with us of course. We had to stop her boss from eating it all, which is my favourite cake response! 

I was very pleased with the colour, loved the look on Jen’s face when she cut into it. 

Chloe x


Sophie Bakes: Earl Grey and Orange Blossom Cupcakes

First of all, I should probably confess. As well as being an avid baker I am an absolute tea fiend. When food shopping, second only to the baking aisle for me is the aisle of tea. I love tea – maybe borderline obsessed – and I’m not very picky about it. Standard tea, fruit tea, earl grey… I love it all (apart from chia, I’ve finally found one that I don’t like). It is because of my love of tea that my tea shelf is always very well stocked, which comes in handy for baking occasions like these!

For our department’s cake Wednesday I made an adaptation of earl grey cupcakes as I have the Twinings blend which adds a hint of orange blossom. They went down pretty well, in fact I was crowned star baker!

I could wax lyrical about how much I personally prefer earl grey over vanilla as cupcake flavourings go, but I’ll pipe down and leave you with an image of the cakes instead.

Soph x

Earl Grey and Orange Blossom