Chloe Bakes: Frozen Birthday Cake

At the end of the summer my cousin’s daughter turned 4, so of course a birthday cake was needed. She had a frozen themed birthday party, I was originally going to be making an Olaf cake but after a big pleeeeease it changed to Elsa. 

The cake underneath was chocolate with a chocolate ganache between the layers. I used vanilla buttercream icing for the decoration, as you already know our thoughts on fondant. I used a variety of piping nozzles to get the different definitions, I think next time I would smooth out her skin and use buttercream icing instead of icing tubes for her eyes as they went a little dark. 

I love making cakes like this, the effort that goes into them before the baking even starts in my favourite bit. I searched for a few weeks before for a good image of Elsa to draw that would be able to transfer to a cake. This was copied from a lunchbox I found in a shop. Kids cakes can be so creative and are exciting to plan. 

On to the next birthday now, Peppa Pig take 3! 
Here’s a picture 🙂

Chloe xx



Chloe Bakes: Little Mermaid Cake

So on the day of my niece’s Peppa Pig party came the request for the next birthday cake. This time a Little Mermaid themed cake that took a lot of research. I changed my mind on how it would look many times before my final decision. I had lots of fun designing and making this one; the sponge was chocolate flavour with chocolate icing in the middle and I used different colours of vanilla buttercream for decoration.

Looking forward to the end of January for the next one!

Chloe x

The Little Mermaid Cake