Chloe Bakes: Lemon Cupcakes

A few weeks ago my friend asked if I would bake some cupcakes for her mum’s birthday. She requested lemon cupcakes with a lemon icing drizzle on the top instead of buttercream. 

The recipe for these came from the new cookbook from GBBO winner Frances Quinn, the same as where Sophie got her recipe the other week. Sophie very excitedly introduced me to the book, which I of course bought immediately (and recommend!). It used a basic recipe and shows you several different ways to add to it to make it more exciting, the illustration is beautiful as well. 

The feedback from the cupcakes was all very positive, they had a really nice strong lemon flavour to them. These were based on Frances’ fried egg cupcakes, simple but delicious. 

Chloe xx



Chloe Bakes: Baby Shower Chocolate Cupcakes

My twinnie cousin (Fee) had her baby shower a few weeks ago, it was organised by her twin (Lel) of course and a cake request came in. Chocolate cake is always a favourite for Fee so that was definitely going to be the flavour. 

We went for afternoon tea for her baby shower, which was lush! But of course was going to already involve cake and as there was a small group of us we decided to go for cupcakes instead of a big cake. 

I wanted to make the cupcakes look different and pretty, they also had to be in mixed colours as we didn’t know the sex of the baby yet. So I went for pastel colours, really enjoyed mixing these up and was very pleased with the colours that came out!

We were rather full with cake post afternoon tea, but these were a great take home treat for later! Pleased to say that Fee has now had her baby and there is a beautiful new baby girl to add to the family. Welcome to the world Robyn May! 

Chloe xx 


Sophie Bakes: Gin and Tonic Cupcakes (Take Two)

I’m still searching for the perfect G&T cupcake recipe that has a good level of zing without a slightly odd aftertaste (I think it’s due to the mix of butter and gin, it doesn’t taste as clean and crisp as I want it to!). I used a different recipe to the one I have blogged previously (when I made the mini cupcakes), however it’s still not there. I’m thinking that I’m probably going to have to put the thinking cap on and redesign it from the ground up, if I succeed you guys will be the first to know – perhaps even with a take on a gin and marshmallow frosting rather than gin buttercream… I’m also going to try a more citrusy/smokey gin next time as I think it might give it more oomph than the Hendricks. 

Anyway, these were another offering for cake Wednesday at work and went down very well (I cheekily hid one when I laid them out – turned out to be sensible as they went pretty quick)!

It’s the standard rose icing, keeping it simple. 

Soph xx


Chloe Bakes: Cocktail Cupcakes

I had the girls over a few weeks ago for a catch up and also for Ella’s birthday celebrations. She demanded a cake (fair enough) I was going to make one anyway! 

So girls coming over for cocktails, what better cake to make than one that sticks with the theme. I opted for Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito cupcakes. The strawberry ones had rum and sugar soaked strawberries at the bottom which kept the cake lovely and moist. The Mojito ones were topped with lime zest and golden caster sugar for a bit of crunch. 

Both flavours went down nicely, with Ella taking extras home! 

Take a look 😊

Chloe x 


Chloe Bakes: Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

My brother invited me to visit recently and every time I’ve been so far I’ve had some form of baked item to bring with me. The occasion this time was his housemates birthday party, so of course cake was needed! I decided to try out a new recipe and go for hot chocolate cupcakes, I used options Belgian chocolate hot chocolate and they went down very well. 

The sponge was nice and light with a lovely hint of chocolate and that something different from the hot chocolate. Definitely a winner in my books! 

Chloe x 


It’s Wedding Time!!

The day has finally come! After months dreaming of cupcakes and planning how they’re going to be decorated, we’ve done it. Our first wedding cupcakes are over and seemed to go down pretty well. Both of us enjoyed doing it immensely, roll on the next.

For this wedding Chloe and I made chocolate orange and carrot cupcakes respectively, we had some terry’s chocolate orange segments for the chocolate ones but couldn’t work out how to put them on… Any suggestions for next time?

Soph x

Chocolate Orange and Carrot Cupcakes