Chloe Bakes: Baby Shower Chocolate Cupcakes

My twinnie cousin (Fee) had her baby shower a few weeks ago, it was organised by her twin (Lel) of course and a cake request came in. Chocolate cake is always a favourite for Fee so that was definitely going to be the flavour. 

We went for afternoon tea for her baby shower, which was lush! But of course was going to already involve cake and as there was a small group of us we decided to go for cupcakes instead of a big cake. 

I wanted to make the cupcakes look different and pretty, they also had to be in mixed colours as we didn’t know the sex of the baby yet. So I went for pastel colours, really enjoyed mixing these up and was very pleased with the colours that came out!

We were rather full with cake post afternoon tea, but these were a great take home treat for later! Pleased to say that Fee has now had her baby and there is a beautiful new baby girl to add to the family. Welcome to the world Robyn May! 

Chloe xx