Sophie Bakes: Gin and Tonic Cupcakes (Take Two)

I’m still searching for the perfect G&T cupcake recipe that has a good level of zing without a slightly odd aftertaste (I think it’s due to the mix of butter and gin, it doesn’t taste as clean and crisp as I want it to!). I used a different recipe to the one I have blogged previously (when I made the mini cupcakes), however it’s still not there. I’m thinking that I’m probably going to have to put the thinking cap on and redesign it from the ground up, if I succeed you guys will be the first to know – perhaps even with a take on a gin and marshmallow frosting rather than gin buttercream… I’m also going to try a more citrusy/smokey gin next time as I think it might give it more oomph than the Hendricks. 

Anyway, these were another offering for cake Wednesday at work and went down very well (I cheekily hid one when I laid them out – turned out to be sensible as they went pretty quick)!

It’s the standard rose icing, keeping it simple. 

Soph xx



Chloe Bakes: Summer Cake with Lime and Strawberries

For the penultimate week of term it was our department’s turn on cake Wednesday. No pressure to finish on a well baked final week! 

I wanted to go for something summery and something I’ve not baked before so I searched through my many baking books and found this. I loved that it was a tweak on the classic Victoria sponge, with a homemade lime curd. The lime curd had lots and lots of lime in it so it added a good zing to the cake. The cake had slices of fresh strawberries, whipped cream and lime curd between the layers, was covered with cream and topped with more strawberries. 

I decided to double the cake mixture as it said it would only serve 8-10, this resulted in a rather large cake. There were a few comments about how I had made a wedding cake and a couple of people pointing it out with a comment of “have you seen the size of this cake?”.

The baking was so good from the department that there was a 3-way split with the win, this cake being one third of that! 

Chloe x


Sophie Bakes: Coffee and Walnut Cake

I’ve written before about my love of tea when I made earl grey cupcakes, what I haven’t written about yet is my love of coffee!

My husband jokes that I might be somewhat fanatical about my love of coffee and all the different ways it can be brewed* and consumed; be it in chocolate coated coffee beans (a favourite crunchy treat), tiramisu, cappuccinos or cake.

I find it slightly crazy then that it has taken me until now to actually bake a coffee and walnut cake but it’s certainly going to be something I make again. 

Both the cake and the icing were very light, and the addition of Kahlua gave it a subtle hit (on that note I hadn’t tried Kahlua before – oh my days it’s good!). As you might be able to tell, I really enjoyed both the baking and the eating of this cake!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a photo. 


Soph x

*My husband counted recently and we discovered I have five different ways to prepare coffee… Whoops! 

Chloe Bakes: Chocolate Fudge Brownies

So it’s my turn to talk brownies with you. The recipe for these brownies is top secret, it was given to me by my friend Jen, after I begged her for it! These can be whipped up in a couple of hours and eaten much quicker. I always keep the ingredients for these in the cupboard, as you never know when emergency brownies are needed. 

Jen often adds a raspberry coulis to the top after baking, which sets beautifully and goes perfectly with the rich chocolate. I decided this time to add vanilla fudge chunks to mine for the extra fudgey flavour as well as extra chewiness! 

Chloe x 


Chloe Bakes: Cocktail Cupcakes

I had the girls over a few weeks ago for a catch up and also for Ella’s birthday celebrations. She demanded a cake (fair enough) I was going to make one anyway! 

So girls coming over for cocktails, what better cake to make than one that sticks with the theme. I opted for Strawberry Daiquiri and Mojito cupcakes. The strawberry ones had rum and sugar soaked strawberries at the bottom which kept the cake lovely and moist. The Mojito ones were topped with lime zest and golden caster sugar for a bit of crunch. 

Both flavours went down nicely, with Ella taking extras home! 

Take a look 😊

Chloe x 


A Princess Castle Birthday Cake

So this week’s mission was to bake a massive cake – fine, that looks like a princess castle – exciting! We had the order a few weeks ago and have been getting increasingly excited/nervous about making it. The request was made from a friend who has ordered with us before (go back to see the rainbow unicorn cake) and the idea came from a children’s cake design book I lovingly got for Christmas. 

When we told people what we were making the first question was “ooo how old is she?” There was usually then a surprised reaction when we said 30! Personally I think this is an awesome 30th birthday cake, why should you stop wanting to be a princess? 

Anyway down to the nitty gritty – our lovely creation took 13 long hours over two evenings. The cake was a two tier chocolate sponge (same recipe as the Minion cake) topped with mini marshmallows and surrounded by crispy pearls. Everything was covered in buttercream and all the windows/doors/flags and princess were from fondant. The four towers were constructed from 76 chocolate chip cookies, held together with melted white chocolate and topped with an icecream cone (very nice broken up with a cuppa so we were told today!). 

All in all it was a definite proud moment when we finally stepped back and could say we had finished. 

Check it out! 

Chloe xx 


Chloe Bakes: Chocolate Minion Cake

We went to see Tom’s friends on Friday for dinner for one of the boys birthday’s – so of course cake was needed! When Tom asked me to make a cake he mentioned the Minion idea straight away and of course I was very excited. I am basically a big kid that loves Despicable Me! 

Had to go for a chocolate cake on the inside, I tried a new German cake recipe from the new Hummingbird Bakery book (which is awesome!). Also got to use the leftover icing from my mums birthday cake as a bonus (chocolate cake with chocolate and more chocolate). The sponge was nice and light, definitely on the new favourite chocolate cake recipe list! 

Chloe x


Sophie Bakes: A Lemon and Raspberry Cake

It’s long established that I adore baking, luckily I have lots of likeminded friends who feel the same. When one of them came up for a weekend we decided that one of the best ways to unwind after we’d both had busy weeks at work and catch up was to bake a massive cake.

I would very much recommend trying this cake for yourself, we tinkered with the recipe to make it slightly more lemony and slightly less sweet which worked perfectly for us (I would also suggest a good G&T by the side). The frosting is lemon cream cheese, there’s lemon rind in the cake and it has raspberry jam layered in between as well as the frosting. In fact it tasted so good that we might have eaten 7/8ths of the cake in the space of 24 hours between us.


Soph x


Chloe Bakes: Mississippi Mud Cake

It was my mum’s birthday recently and I thought I would do a little extra research for her birthday cake. I asked her what her favourite type of cake would be and she said chocolate with chocolate and more chocolate. So operation super chocolate cake started! 

I haven’t used this recipe before but when I came across it, knew it would be spot on. The recipe was supposed to make a three layers but was so wet that I decided to make it into four. The cake was really moist and quite dense in the end which was liked by everyone. I covered it with a chocolate cream cheese frosting and then my mum’s favourite malteasers (which are also mine if you ever need to know!). 

As the cake was so large we were very surprised that we managed to consume half in a short space of time. Mum then cut up the rest, dished it out to family members and saved some for her freezer. She has been informing me of the different ways she’s had it since (warm with cream and another time with berries!) – little jealous I didn’t take a slice home! 

Chloe x 


Chloe Bakes: Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

My brother invited me to visit recently and every time I’ve been so far I’ve had some form of baked item to bring with me. The occasion this time was his housemates birthday party, so of course cake was needed! I decided to try out a new recipe and go for hot chocolate cupcakes, I used options Belgian chocolate hot chocolate and they went down very well. 

The sponge was nice and light with a lovely hint of chocolate and that something different from the hot chocolate. Definitely a winner in my books! 

Chloe x