Sophie Bakes: Coffee and Walnut Cake

I’ve written before about my love of tea when I made earl grey cupcakes, what I haven’t written about yet is my love of coffee!

My husband jokes that I might be somewhat fanatical about my love of coffee and all the different ways it can be brewed* and consumed; be it in chocolate coated coffee beans (a favourite crunchy treat), tiramisu, cappuccinos or cake.

I find it slightly crazy then that it has taken me until now to actually bake a coffee and walnut cake but it’s certainly going to be something I make again. 

Both the cake and the icing were very light, and the addition of Kahlua gave it a subtle hit (on that note I hadn’t tried Kahlua before – oh my days it’s good!). As you might be able to tell, I really enjoyed both the baking and the eating of this cake!

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a photo. 


Soph x

*My husband counted recently and we discovered I have five different ways to prepare coffee… Whoops! 


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