Macaroons and Tarte au Citron

For my birthday Sophie booked us both into a Parisian Patisserie class at Little Kitchen Cookery School in Bristol. They have a lovely little shop, with a very nice set up of baking stations. We made, as you might have guessed from the title, macaroons with a dark chocolate ganache filling and Tarte au Citron (I just ate mine and it was lovely). 

I didn’t think I liked macaroons before, but with the dark chocolate filling I am starting to come around to them. I have kept eating them at least, to help aid my final decision. 

We both very much enjoyed learning some new techniques. I had never made macaroons before whereas Sophie had some prior experience – one good turn out, one not so great (so she says, but then she can be very critical of her own baking), this time they turned out rather well I think. Also we learnt how to make a lemon posset, something that both of us were saying was on our ‘to do’ list. 

The class definitely inspired us and made us excited for what the future could hold for Chlophie’s cakes. So thank you to the ladies at Little Kitchen! 

Chloe x



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