Chloe Bakes: Chocolate and Salted Caramel ‘Jammie Dodgers’

There was a bake off for comic relief at school so of course I had to enter. There were three categories; best biscuits, best small cakes and best large cake. The theme for the bake off was funny faces, which at first had me stumped as to what to do. 

Soph and I brainstormed and thought of potentially doing maths department cupcakes or a Cookie Monster cake. Fortunately I decided to do something different as both of these were beautifully done by a member of the English department. I decided to have a browse in the food magazines at the supermarket for inspiration and came across a Jamie Oliver recipe for these lush biscuits. 

I was very very chuffed to win the biscuit category, with the head of the school telling me that my biscuits were talk of the school the next morning (cue massive head ha!). My certificate is very proudly on show in my room and for an extra bonus the bake off alone raised over £100! 

Here’s a picture 😊

Chloe x


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