The Red Velvet Engagement Cake

We were asked to create a red velvet cake for an engagement party that came with several criteria. We needed to include things that summed up the couple (an electrician and a hairdresser, they like parties and DJing).  

The requirements had us scratching our heads for a while, luckily Chloe came up with an awesome idea (with a little help from a friend – thanks Jen)! 

During this bake, we learnt 11 things:

  1. We don’t like red velvet cake.
  2. In order to get the signature red colour you need a specific red colouring (cochineal).
  3. Leaving buttermilk in the boot of a car on a lovely day will result in you having to make a second batch.
  4. You need to actually add the raising agent for a cake to rise.
  5. Fondant can make you cry.
  6. A cake not being red enough can also make you cry.
  7. The metal kenwood bowl weighs 770g.
  8. I (Sophie) have reached baking perfection – judging 50g of butter on the scales perfectly!
  9. Blue food colouring doesn’t come off your hands.
  10. An ampersand starts on the right, not the left.
  11. A Chlophie cake is never a simple task.

Regardless of what we’ve learnt through the process of this cake, the reaction of the client always makes it worth it! (And having a partner in crime will help keep both of you sane!)


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