Red Velvet Cake

One of the lovely people we work with employed us to bake a cake for her equally lovely nine year old daughter’s birthday party. She wanted a red velvet cake suitable for 20, which we more than catered for!

Due to other commitments we only started baking around 6pm; after battling with red food colouring (it turns out that liquid colouring – or beetroot if you’re that way inclined – is definitely better when trying to attain the signature red of the red velvet cake) the cake baking process took much longer than expected. As a result of our later than expected start and the fact that we only had one tin of the size we wanted, we may have finished icing the cake at 2am. Whoops. Chloe had invited her boyfriend and my husband over in the hopes of getting a board game in whilst we waited, it turns out that this was perhaps a bit idealistic on both our parts. The guys ended up sitting in the kitchen slowly losing the will to live as the two of us performed a marathon bake-athon (we enjoyed every minute the guys not so much)!

Regardless of the timing and colouring difficulties the two us were mightily impressed with the cake. The size of the cake isn’t easily judged by the photo below (and although we didn’t get the chance to “quality control” the final cake to check the taste of it, Chloe’s had some of the rejected not quite red enough first try and she reliably informs me that it tastes excellent)!

Soph x

Red Velvet Cake


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